BBYC Summer Series

BBYC hosts a series of summer racing activities for members and friends.  Click here for SUMMER SERIES SAILING RESULTS.

The sailing rules and instructions below apply to the following race series:

  • Laser Sunfish “Thirsty Thursday”  Fun Races - Thursday 6:30PM 
  • Sunfish Series - Friday 1:30PM 
  • Laser and Sunfish Series - Saturday 1:00PM
  • Lightning and Mariner Series - Sunday 10:00AM or 1:00PM
  • Club, Senior and Holiday Series

Updated 5/10/2015

1)    Rules
a)    The races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, the rules of the classes, except any of those that are changed by these sailing instructions, and by these sailing instructions.

2)    Entries
a)    Yachts eligible to compete include Lightnings, Mariners, Lasers, C420 and Sunfish or any other fleet having at least 4 boats.
b)    Skippers must be members of the Brant Beach Yacht Club or of a club associated with the Long Beach Island Yacht Racing Association.

3)    Notices
a)    Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located at the Sailing Center.

4)    Changes in Sailing Instructions
a)    Any change to the sailing instructions may be posted on the notice board before 9:00 A.M. of the day it will take effect or, on the water communicated orally to each boat before the warning signal.

5)    Signals Made Ashore
a)    Signals made ashore will be displayed at the Sailing Center.
b)    Flag AP with two sounds (one sound when lowered) means “The race has been postponed.  The warning signal will be made not less than 20 minutes after AP is lowered”.
c)    Flag N over A with three sounds means “all races are abandoned.  No more racing today”.

6)    Schedule of Races
a)    These sailing instructions apply to senior races, club regattas, and holiday series races, therefore junior weekday races, race week, and other regattas are not included herein.
b)    It is the intention of the race committee to sail races back-to-back with three races scheduled for the Adult Saturday Series and two races scheduled for all other series and club regattas should conditions permit.  There will be no make-up days.

7)    The Course
a)    Courses for each race will be selected by the race committee utilizing the courses and marks listed below.  Selected courses will be displayed from the race committee boat’s course board prior to the first warning signal of each race; red numerals for Lightnings, Mariners and C420, black numerals for Sunfish.  The courses will be posted “T” = triangular, “O” = olympic, or “W” = windward-leward along with the associated number of legs.  The race committee may also identify courses verbally.
b)    A shortened course may be signaled at a rounding or finishing markby a race committee boat displaying flag S and repeatedly sounding two sounds from a police whistle.  Yachts are to finish between the nearby mark and this boat.

8)    Marks
a)    Rounding marks will be large inflatable orange tetrahedrons; the starting and finishing marks will be smaller orange spheres.  Saturday races may use all small spherical marks.

9)    The Start
a)    Races will be started using rule 26 on Sunday and 3 minute Sound-Signal Starting System (appendix Q) on Saturday.
b)    The starting line will be between a staff or mast displaying an orange flag on a race committee boat and an orange sphere starting mark at the port end.                   
c)    Boats whose preparatory signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of all boats whose preparatory signal has been made.

10)  Change of Course After the Start
a)    A change of course after the start may be signaled from a race committeeboat displaying flag C and repeatedly sounding 2 sounds from a police whistle at any rounding mark before the leading boat has begun the leg, although the mark to be relocated may not then be in its new position.  Subsequent marks to be rounded may be repositioned to maintain the original course configuration.

11) The Finish
a)    The finishing line will be between a staff or mast displaying an orange flag on a race committee boat and an orange sphere finishing mark at the port end.  The finish line boat shall display a blue flag when on station.

12)  720 Turns Penalty
a)    The 720 turns penalty applies.

13)  Time Limits
a)    A boat shall start no later than 5 minutes after her starting signal.
b)    The time limit for finishing will be two hours for each class.  Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes after the first boat of her class finishes or within the time limit, which ever is later, will be scored Did Not Finish.  This changes rule 35.

14)  Protests
a)    Protests shall be written on copies of forms found in the US Sailing Rule Book and delivered to the race committee within 45 minutes after the time of the last boat’s finish.  Protests will be heard as soon thereafter as is practicable.

15)   Scoring
a)    The Low Point Scoring System, Rule A2, will apply, with scores to be determined by the number of boats ranking as starters in the particular race.
b)    The best 70% of the series races shall be used in determining final series standings.  The Thursday night “Koozie” races will not be scored as a series; awards will be handed out each Thursday. 

16)  Designated Finish
a)    The race committee shall have the right to assign finishing positions to last boats in order to facilitate the start of the next race except that the race committee shall not exercise this right if in doing so the position of any boat involved is favored over any other boat.

17)   High Winds
a)    No race shall be started if the winds are gusting over 25mph as measured from the top of the committee boat while anchored in the starting area.

18)   Prizes
a)    Prizes will be awarded to each member of crews placing first, second or third.