The employees, the views, the vibe. LOVED IT.
— Cory, October '16
I loved the BBYC’s location... it feels very private and upscale, while still having a casual beach feel and the beautiful views of the bay and the smell of the salt water at every turn. You can turn the BBYC into your perfectly personal wedding with your own everything, but if you didn’t want to and wanted to keep it very “yacht clubby” you still can have the flags and nautical feel of the authentic club. My husband and I loved our day and loved the team we worked with. They were flexible and helpful due to some iffy weather and everything came out perfectly.
— Valerie, October '16
Amazingly beautiful place to have a special wedding! Beachy, classic, laid-back, elegant and just all around gorgeous! It was perfect for us and everyone loved the BBYC!
— Lauren, June '16
Easy to get a hold of, accommodating, professional, & kind staff. Always willing to work with you. Was able to walk around the place on several occasions during the process of wedding planning so I that I could make sure everything would run smooth. Whether it be catering or floral arrangements. Loved the side room with fireplace and pictures of captains. Bathrooms were exceptionally clean and big enough to accommodate all guests. (Aka no lines!) Place has such great character. Like how you had the option to keep the flags up on the walls. Very spacious and elegant. Love love love it.
— Joanna, May '16
The most important thing I was looking for in a venue was a sense of place. I wanted guests to know exactly where they were at my wedding and not feel like we were in a non-descript ballroom at a generic wedding factory. BBYC delivered the character I wanted in spades. Because so many of guests were coming from out of state, I wanted to show them the real Jersey Shore and they loved it. Our wedding was easily the best day of our lives and SO much of that is thanks to BBYC. In fact, several people have told my mom mine was the best wedding they have ever been to.
— Jessica, April '16
The location is amazing .. being right on the water added such an awesome atmosphere .. Our guests were highly impressed.. The facility had everything we needed to make our event great .. Our guests are still talking about our wedding..
— Maureen, September '15
Amazingly beautiful place to have a special wedding! Beachy, classic, laid-back, elegant and just all around gorgeous! It was perfect for us and everyone loved the BBYC!
— Lauren, July '15
From the moment we visited Brant Beach Yacht Club (BBYC) we knew we wanted to get married there! We always wanted a beach ceremony, but accomplishing this on the public NJ beaches provided more hurdles than we expected. BBYC made our dream a reality! We were able to use their private beach on the bay which allowed for the perfect setting for our ceremony! BBYC was also a great venue for our reception. We loved that they had outdoor space for cocktail hour and the rooftop for great views (we ended up with the best sunset pictures)! The staff at BBYC was super helpful throughout the process, especially considering I live 4 hours away in Virginia. They promptly answered all my questions (even sending specific measurements to help me plan my decorations). I could not be any happier with our venue choice!
— Keighty, June '15
The view was amazing and all of our guests felt very comfortable there. It was the way a beach wedding is supposed to feel.
— Jen, June '15
I got married at the Brant Beach Yacht Club on 10/3/2014 and it was AMAZING. I know every bride thinks hers is the best wedding but I truly loved mine and a large portion of that was the venue.
— Denyce, October '14
I am so glad we chose the Brant Beach Yacht Club for our wedding venue. I had seen pictures on Facebook and had to visit. ... The bay views are spectacular for just sitting outside on the deck and also for taking pictures. We had our ceremony on the patio on-site and the reception followed. I would highly recommend this venue for your LBI wedding!
— Gina, September '14