The story of the Brant Beach Yacht Club dates back to the early 1900’s when Captain John Brown moved to Long Beach Island to manage the old Peahala Club for fishermen and gunners. He saw a cove in Brant Beach and decided this was the place for him. He got permission from Henry B. McLaughlin, owner of  the waterfront on the bay, to put in a public dock and rent rowboats.

During this same period a Community Club in Brant Beach was formed and they built a pavilion on the ocean end of Farragut Avenue. Gradually from this club and the support of Captain John Brown and Henry B. McLaughlin, the Brant Beach Yacht club evolved.

The Community pavilion was moved to the bay end of Farragut Avenue and partly enclosed. Then on August 8, 1927 the Brant Beach Yacht Club was formally incorporated, and in 1933 a modest clubhouse was built inside the northerly point of the cove.


The first Brant Beach Yacht club was not a success. This was probably due in part to the Depression, but it was not really a yacht club; its main focus was social, and it lacked the necessary functions that are inherent to establishing a successful yacht club. Because of this, the club floundered and sank, and the building and land reverted back to the original owner, Henry McLaughlin.

Fourteen years after the first clubhouse was built, Captain John Brown and about 10 men decided to try again and start a second Brant Beach Yacht Club. In June of 1947 fifteen prospective members officially voted the "new" Brant Beach Yacht Club into existence. During the first summer the original 15 members paid five years of dues in advance and by Labor Day had collected more than $3,200. At this time the building they used was the old enclosed pavilion.

During the next twelve years, at record breaking speeds, a new dock with a deepwater T was built with a davit for launching boats, the harbor was dredged, a section of the cove was designated for a bathing beach, and a parking lot was installed. Land that was originally leased was purchased, by-laws were adopted, and most important, the club started an unusual and highly successful program for juniors. Paid counselors ran the program training juniors in swimming, sailing, and seamanship.

Now they were functioning as a yacht club and needed an adequate clubhouse. A fine new clubhouse was dedicated in 1955. The old pavilion was moved up beside the dock and in 1956 it was converted into a summer home for the dockmaster.

By 1955 the new clubhouse was improved and membership rose to 200 people. The club now owned waterfront property stretching five hundred feet on Bayview Avenue and around a big arc for three hundred and twenty-five feet on Kimberly Avenue. The net worth of the club appraised at $94,635.21.


During the next 43 years the club prospered and grew. It was in 1957 that the last of one hundred Proprietary Bonds were sold and the indebtedness to the bank was satisfied.

In 1963 $42,000 was authorized for more land acquisition. The club now owned property that extended from 59th to 65th streets on the bay front with a 50 foot easement to the Township at the south end.


Tennis courts were installed in 1971, and in 1984 the clubhouse was totally renovated. Eight years later in 1992, the design for a new facility to host junior instructional programs was approved. The South Harbor Center was ready in time for the 1993 season. This new facility has a business office, storage space, a kitchen, bathrooms, shower facilities, and an interactive deck design that allows safe and easy access from water to the clubhouse.

Today the members of the Brant Beach Yacht Club enjoy a magnificent clubhouse, a well designed sailing center, tennis courts, docking and storage facilities, and a parcel of bay front land that is considered one of the finest on Long Beach Island.

Members are privileged to enjoy a healthy environment where lifetime friendships are made, a spectacular view of the bay watching races and the sun set. All this came about because a core of good members worked to keep the club alive and well, working tirelessly for their club, promoting yachting, boating, and the general welfare of Long Beach Island New Jersey.

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