"Sailing is a skill, that once learned can be experienced for a lifetime."

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Whether you are a beginner or an experience sailor, BBYC offers programs and private lessons for you and/or your children to learn how to sail in a safe and fun environment.

Adult Sunfish Sailing Lessons from Beginner to Intermediate - BBYC offers weekly sailing lessons in the Sunfish during the summer.  You can sign up for the Sunfish sailing lesson summer program and be part of our "thirsty Thursday" fun racing on Thursday evenings. 

Adult Laser Sailing Lessons - If you are looking for the challengers of sailing a higher performance boat you will enjoy the thrills of the largest one-design fleet in the world: the Laser.  

Learn to Sail on a Mariner, Sunfish and a Laser - Come learn all the basics from rigging and sailing terminology to beginning boat-handling.

Performance sailing on a Mariner- Got all the basics? Know a tack from a jibe, upwind from downwind? Ready to polish up what you know? Want to pick up where your first class left off? Sign up for Performance Boat-handling. After this course most students will be able to take a boat out on their own.  We'll work on improving docking, man overboard, and get into the nuances of sail trim, crew work, and helming.               

BBYC has an extensive program for young sailors and you can get more information on the junior instructional sailing programs.

BBYC has 5 active sailing and racing fleets.  Chairing our overall Sailing Committee is Bill Watters.  
Cruisers - John Rokita
Lasers - Dennis Russom
Lightning - Eric Reitinger
Mariners - Bill Watters
Sunfish - Lukas Partridge

We have schedule fun sailing activities during the summer, and we are always looking for new and experienced sailors to join in.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBYC Sailing Lessons

Do I have to be a BBYC member to participate in sailing lessons?
Most sailing programs require BBYC membership.  However, BBYC offers Saturday learn-to-sail lessons for members and non-members.  Please contact the office to sign up.

What is the schedule?
It depends on what course you sign up for, so please check the sailing calendar

What boat should I sail?
We offer classes in three kinds of boats: Mariners, Laser, and Sunfish.  For more information on the these boats and the boats used in our Junior program click on Fleets.

Some thoughts: 
No matter what level, the key to sailing is spending time in the boat.  You get a better feel for what you're doing, and it will make you a better sailor.  What you learn on any of these boats easily transfers to another.  What works best for most people is to start in a Mariner, then jump into the smaller boats for our intermediate class.