Adult Programs

Adult Sunfish Sailing
Whether you are new to sailing or have experience, the adult Sunfish sailing lessons will give you the opportunity to learn how to sail a sunfish or further develop your sunfish sailing skills. This is a great way to get on the water each week, gain confidence in your sailing abilities and get comfortable with participating in our "fun" racing events such as "Thirsty Thursday" and Adult Friday Sailing series (see other sailng opportunities under "Racing Series" below. Participants will need to have their own sunfish to sail

Adult Friday Sailing Series
In addition to the Saturday Sunfish series, we offer an adult Friday sailing series for those interested in participating in sunfish racing on Friday afternoons. Whether you have been racing for years or just new to racing this is a great opportunity to enjoy the racing and camaraderie. Initially this was a "ladies" event but now the guys are joining in.

Thirsty Thursday Fun Racing
In our second year now, this very popular "fun" racing activity for lasers and sunfish is combined with beverages and burgers every Thursday evening. This is not a race series and when you show up for the first time you will receive a "coveted" award that you can only get for participating. Thirsty Thursday Fun Racing is back. (Registration is not required. Just join us on the water in front of A dock by 6:30pm every Thursday.)

Saturday Sailing Instruction
BBYC is offering adult mariner sailing instruction for beginners and intermediates. For this instruction, you will be crewing and skippering with one of our experienced mariner captains. For more information, please email

Adult Tennis

Adult Tennis Clinic
This is geared towards adults who have prior playing experience wish to improve upon their singles and doubles play. The clinic will be two hours long. There will be drills that focus on improving both fundamental and skilled shots; additionally there will be activities that focus on improving doubles strategy. Women will be able to play matches towards the end of the clinic to implement the strategies that were covered in class.

Adult Tennis Tournament
A new addition to Brant Beach Tennis, this is geared at women who would like to play competitively in both singles and doubles. Tournaments will be a pay as you play format; Each player will be randomly assigned a doubles partner for a particular day - if you win your doubles match, you will individually receive one point. You will also play a singles match against a random opponent - if you win, you will receive two points. The overall winner will be the person who receives the most aggregate points over the eight weeks. Additionally, there will be a traditional singles tournament with seeds and a traditional doubles tournament where you will be allowed to select your partner.
(This Tennis class is complimentary for anyone over the age of 65)

Adult Round Robin
Geared to women with prior playing experience, the Round Robin will consist mainly of doubles matches; your partner and opponents will be randomly assigned and will change throughout the duration of the Round Robin. 
(This Tennis class is complimentary for anyone over the age of 65)

Adult Fitness

We are excited to welcome our new Yoga instructor this year who will be teaching aerobics on the deck 2 days a week. Her expertise allows for all fitness levels as well as she offers several modifications with her moves.

Barre FitnessTM, is an exceptional one-hour regime of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre (or in our case, the railing of the fabulous new deck of the main clubhouse). This total body conditioning technique has been intertwined to create an intense workout, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body.

Boot Camp
This class is jammed packed with cardiovascular drills, plyometrics, and muscular resistance training. A class that’s easy to follow yet challenging and will give you the athletic body you have always wanted. 

A fusion of Latin and International music, the choreographed routines feature aerobic fitness interval training. Dance your way to a fitter you! Learn exciting Latin moves and rhythms for a total body workout.

Stand-Up Paddleboard – (SUP)
Enjoy a morning on the bay in the instructor-lead class and engage your core while you do so! Depending on the winds, the instructor will take the class on trips to areas in the bay near and far and even stop for a quick swim to cool off. Couple this class with Lori’s yoga beforehand and it’s a zen Friday morning....

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga – (SUP-YOGA)
If you're looking for a new challenge, yoga on a stand up paddleboard will reinvigorate you and push you to become an even better yogi than you thought possible -- all while enjoying the natural splendor of floating on water. Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core more for better balance. L.A.- based yoga instructor Dice lida-Klein told Men's Fitness that the workout is more challenging. "Your whole midsection will have to work to keep you balanced and afloat. You have to work harder and focus more on the water." The sensation of floating helps to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders.