2017-18 Committees & Chairs
Our Club depends largely upon the membership to govern and operate its programs. Volunteerism is the key to building relationships with fellow members and keeping expenses down. Everyone is expected to make a contribution of time by helping with boating activities, social events, and bi-annual work weekends.

Please contact a committee chair if you are interested in joining a committee, have a concern, question, or suggestion. 

  • BBYC Event Reservations
  • BBYC Office - General Manager Antoine Avignon
  • Bar - Howie Dumhart, Patrick Breen, John Beshel, Diane Gove, Tom Mignanelli, John Miller, Tom Ready, Cheryl Scheuerman
  • Boats - Brett Amspacher, Burt Boyle, Paul Coward, Glenn Reitinger, Carl Reitinger
  • By-Laws - John Prout, Donna Erhard, Burke Miller, Dan Griffin, Ed Serrill, Don Hahl, Bill Strasser, Shawn Leyden
  • Commodore - John Bambach
  • Computer Systems - John Bambach, Jim Nicolini, Janet Miller, Don Hahl, Donna Erhard, John Barbano
  • Docks & Slips - Burke Miller, Burt Boyle, Bub Kovacs
  • Finance - Rick Schaffer, Lisa Harrah, David Shanker, Colin Neil, Rich Senker, Rich Schaffer, John Finlayson, Sean Gogerty, Sal Messina, Dan Griffin, Emma Kovacs
  • Food & Beverage - Leslie Houston,  Cate Cunningham, Lori Streep, Donna Erhard, Pat Prout, Howard Dumhart, Rick Shaffer, Hubert Streep, Susanne Abbiati, Michele Farias
  • Grievance Committee - John Bambach, Donna Erhard, Burke Miller
  • Historian - Howie Dumhart, Dot Quigley
  • Hospitality / Rentals - John Bambach, Diane Erhard, Beverly Reitinger, Stacey Kliesch, Emma Kovacs, Kelly Cammarata
  • Human Resources - John Barbano, Bub Kovacs, Leslie Houston
  • Insurance - Don Hahl, John Barbano
  • Junior Activities - Stacey Kliesch, Alison Mandell, Kirsten Weinstein
  • Junior Officers - Jennifer Telfeian, Mary Coughlin, Stacey Kliesch
  • Landscaping - Beth Reitinger, Don Hahl
  • Legal - John Bambach, Allan Eaglesham, Vicky Phillips, Steven Gershman, James Perry, Daniel Griffin, William Strasser, Carolyn Kelly Bogart, Edwad Wilbraham, Larry Lesser
  • Long Range Planning - John Barbano, Sal Messina, Rick Schaffer, Carl Reitinger
  • Membership - Joy E. Power, Diane Erhard, Sandra Messina, Tim Gallagher, Tanya Moeller, Jill Maloney, Anna Scheuerman, Brian Cunningham, Neil Montesano
  • Nominating - Howie Dumhart, John Bambach (N/V), Jim Nicolini, Anne DiGiulio, Glenn Reitinger (Alt), Stacey Kliesch (N/V), Lori Streep, Rick Metz
  • Programs - Kirsten Weinstein, John Barbano, Brett Amspacher
  • Property & Grounds - Don Hahl, Carl Reitinger, Sal Messina, Jeff Cranmer, Rob Roth, Bub Kovacs, Steve Raleigh, Burt Boyle
  • Publicity / Communication / Flag Bag - Stacey Kliesch, Janet Miller, Donna Erhard, Devon Herrick, Anne Giacalone, Jim Nicolini, Tom Giacalone, John Prout
  • Rear Commodore - Kirsten Weinstein
  • Regatta - Glenn Reitinger, Dave Coward, Bill Waters, Bub Kovacs, Paul Coward, Tom Widmeier, Carl Reitinger, Dori Jo Gugliemini, John Barbano
  • Safety - Leslie Houston, Ellen & Burt Boyle, Bob Abbiati, Bob & Diane Goldbach, Bob Terranova
  • Sailing - Don Hahl, Eric Reitinger, Lukas Partridge, Bill Waters, John Rokita, Bill Clopp, Dennis Russom
  • Secretary - Donna Erhard
  • Ship Store - Diane Erhard, Susanne Abbiati, Michele Farias
  • Social Chair - Cate Cunnigham & Pat Prout
  • Tennis - John Bambach, Stacey Kliesch, Marybeth Mitstifer, Krista Davis
  • Vice Commodore - Stacey Kliesch
  • Website - Stacey Kliesch, Janet Miller, Jim Nicolini

Club management is composed of flag officers and a board of trustees. We operate under our Bylaws, with a committee structure chaired by members. 

Contact Us: The board and committee chair people would love to get your input and answer your questions.  To contact a flag officer or committee chair, click the link below to email them directly.

Flag Officers
Commodore - John Bambach
Vice Commodore - Stacey Kliesch
Rear Commodore & Secretary - Donna Erhard
Treasurer - Rick Schaffer

PC Howie Dumhart
PC Don Hahl
PC Sal Messina
Bob Abbiati
Brett Amspacher
Diane Erhard
Leslie Houston
Burke Miller
Lukas Partridge
Joy Power

Junior Board
We recognize the junior members of BBYC are the future of our club.  All members are committed to creating opportunities for them to participate in the leadership of BBYC and the community and be successful.

Junior Commodore- Clark T.
Vice Junior Commodore- Kate P.
Rear Junior Commodores- Brooks T. & Payton K.
Corresponding Secretary- Skylar K.
Recording Secretary- Christopher I.
Treasurer- Aidan C.
Publicity: Lexi Rodell & Jake S.
Fundraising: Ariana J. & Georgia S. & Griffin S.