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Club 420 Association 2014 North American Championship at Brant Beach Yacht Club, Brant Beach NJ



July 20 – 24, 2014




The Brant Beach Yacht Club is proud to host the 2014 C420 Association North American Championship.  

1. Date and Venue

The 2014 Club 420 Association North American Championship will be held with racing from July 20th-24th, 2014. The venue will be the Brant Beach Yacht Club, 59th and Bayview Ave., Brant Beach, NJ 08008 –

2. Organization and Rules

2.1 The organizing authority for this regatta will be the Brant Beach Yacht Club in conjunction with the Club 420 Association. The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association (US SAILING), the rules and by-laws of the Club 420 Association, and this Notice Of Race, except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions or any appendices to the Sailing Instructions.

2.2 RRS Appendix P will apply.

2.3 No contestant shall use, either on or off the water, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or distilled spirits) or use any controlled substance (marijuana, cocaine, etc) the possession of which is unlawful. This prohibition is in effect during the entire event, from date and time of arrival through date and time of departure from the Brant Beach Yacht Club. Penalties for a violation of the prohibition may range from a reprimand to dismissal from the regatta. A hearing will be held generally in accordance with the recommendations of Appendix M of the Racing Rules. The hearing officers may also recommend further action under Rule 69. The officers for a hearing regarding a violation of this prohibition will consist of the Chief Judge, acting as chairperson of the hearing and the Jury. The Event Chairperson shall serve ex-officio as a non-voting member of the panel and will have a right to express his or her views during the course of the hearing process.

2.4 The official language for this regatta will be English.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Competitors are required to be current members of the Club 420 Association and their countries sailing authority (i.e. US Sailing Association, Canadian Yachting Association, etc).

3.2. Individuals who will be twenty two years old in 2014 cannot compete in this regatta.

4. Risk

It is the competitor's decision to enter the regatta and to start or continue any race. The competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks. The competitor will accept full responsibility for all his/her actions during any activity related to the event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.

5. Format of the Regatta

If there are more than 80 boats registered in any fleets, the championship fleet may be divided into divisions.  The regatta will be split into Gold and Silver fleets if a qualifying round has been successfully completed.   See Section 8 (Scoring) for explanation and details.

6. Schedule of Events


Sunday, July 20th, 2014

13:00 - 19:00 Registration at South Harbor Facility


Monday, July 21th, 2014

7:30-9:00 Registration at South Harbor Facility

7:30-9:00 Breakfast at Main Club House

09:15 Skippers’ meeting outside South Harbor Facility

09:45 Harbor Start

10:30 Warning Signal

Pizza after Sailing


Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

7:30-09:00 Breakfast at Main Club House

09:30 Harbor Start

10:15 Warning Signal

5:30-7:30PM – Adult Reception Sponsored by the Club 420 Association (TBD)

6:00PM  Pasta Dinner at the Main Club House


Wednesday, July 23th, 2014

7:30-09:00 Breakfast at Main Club House

09:30 Harbor Start

10:15 Warning Signal


Thursday, July 24th, 2014

7:30-09:00 Breakfast at Main Club House

09:30 Harbor Start

10:15 Warning Signal

15:00 No warning signal after this

16:30 Barbeque and Awards to follow at the Main Club House (as soon as possible after all scoring,

protest, and redress issues are resolved).


6.2 No warning signal will be made after 1500 on the final day of the regatta

7. Courses and Racing Area

7.1 The courses will be published in the Sailing Instructions that are available on line and at check-in.

7.2 The racing area will be Little Egg Harbor Bay west of the Intercoastal Waterway

8. Scoring

8.1 The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A2, will be used except as modified below. 

8.2 One race must be completed to constitute a regatta.  If divisions are established, a race shall consist of all divisions completing a course with results that may be scored.

8.3 A boats worst finish my be discarded after five have been completed.  

8.4 There will be a qualifying round and a medal round.  If divisions are established, in both of the rounds only complete sets of races will be scored. This changes Rule A2. 

8.5 In the qualifying round the fleet will be divided into two divisions if more than 90 boats and less than 180 boats, or 3 fleets if above 181, as directed by the class executive director for the first day.  After the first day the fleet will be divided based on current regatta standings. The division colors will be communicated at the regatta.  

8.6 When five or more races have been completed, a boat’s qualifying round score will be the total of her scores excluding her worst score. Five races must be completed in order to move on to the medal round.  If five or more races are not completed before the start of the last day of competition then the regatta will stay in the qualifying round format.  Scores from the qualifying round will carry forward into the medal round.  The race dropped in the qualifying series will be maintained as a dropped score in the final tabulation of scores.  No drop race will be allowed in the medal round. 

9. Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions are available on line and will be available during on-site check-in / registration.

10. Protests

A boat is required to inform the Start or Finish Boat of the boat being protested immediately after finishing and no later than the start of the next race.

11. Safety

11.1 Parents/guardians/or competitors 18 or over at the time of the start of the event are responsible for the safety of the competitors. It is the responsibility solely of the parent(s) of the competitors, or in the instance of the competitor who is 18 or over, the competitor, to decide if the competitor should sail in the weather and sea conditions that might arise during the event. Parents of competitors under 18 not personally attending any part of the event must ensure that another adult is authorized and designated to make these decisions for their child.

11.2 Competitors who are US citizens or US residents must wear a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD), properly secured at all times, from dock to dock except when temporarily adding or removing clothing. Competitors who are citizens or residents of another country shall wear either a US Coast Guard approved PFD or a PFD approved by the country of their citizenship or residence, properly secured at all times, from dock to dock except when temporarily adding or removing clothing. Wet suits, dry suits and inflatable PFD’s do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.

11.3 A whistle shall be attached by a lanyard to the PFD. The lanyard shall be long enough to permit the sailor to use the whistle while wearing the PFD. Competitors not complying with this instruction shall be given a penalty of five (5) points for each race in which they have failed to observe this instruction.

11.4 All Club 420 boats are subject to a safety/inspection check, See Exhibit A -

12. Coach and support boats

All coach boats shall register and shall prominently fly a designated flag from a staff, supplied by the Race Committee, at all times while in the water.

13. Liability

Participants compete entirely at their own risk. A waiver must be signed by all competitors and their parent/guardian if the competitor is under 18. The waiver can brought to the regatta with you or we prefer you sent to address below as soon as possible:

Brant Beach YC
Attn: North American C420 Regatta
P.O. Box 208
Ship Bottom, NJ 08008


14. Entry fee

14.1 Competitors may register online by clicking on the following link: Online Registration.

14.2 Competitors may register and pay on-line anytime up until 9a.m. on July 20th, 2014 subject to fee schedule in 14.4.

14.3 Competitors may also print the registration forms, fill them out and return with check payable to BBYC to PO Box 208 Ship Bottom NJ 08008 TO ARRIVE on or before July 7th, 2014 only. After July 7th, no mail in registrations will be accepted; online registration only after July 7th. Do not send any paperwork or checks to BBYC after July 7th.

14.4 The entry fee will be $195 per Club 420 boat if registration and payment are postmarked on or before July 7th.  Registrations that are paid by credit card after July7th and before July14th, will pay $220 per Club 420 boat for the registration fee. Online registrations that are paid by credit card after July14th will pay $245 per Club 420 boat.

14.5 The entry fee includes $10 credit towards a $10 T-shirt (or other regatta wear) from Coral Reef Sailing Apparel, breakfast each day, water and make your own lunch,  snacks on water, Pizza after Monday sailing, Pasta night and BBQ after the event.

15. Trophies

Overall: 1st through 15th (or Gold Fleet if established)

1st through 3rd - (Silver Fleet if established)

Top Girls: 1st (both skipper and crew are female)

Top Juniors: 1st (both skipper and crew under 17 throughout all of 2014).


16. Designated Adult

16.1 Each competitor under 18 shall identify in writing a parent or adult representative that shall responsible for the competitor throughout the event.

16.2 For each competitor under 18, it is the competitor's parents’ (or designated adult) decision to enter the regatta and to start or continue any race. The adults supervising the competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks.

16.3 The designated adult will accept full responsibility for all actions of the competitor during any activity related to the event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.

17. Additional information

Long Beach Island is a summer resort community. Sailors are recommended to book accommodation as early as possible. A list of motels is provided below as well as two lodging web sites with links to accommodations including rental houses and campgrounds.  Rental homes are normally available from Saturday to Saturday.

Motel Lodging

Admiral Motel


(1.9 Miles)

Buccaneer Motel


(3.1 Miles)

Coral Seas Motel


(4.5 Miles)

Drifting Sands


(2.3 Miles)

Ebb Tide Motel


(7.0 Miles)

Harbor Side Motel


(3.0 Miles)

Haven Beach Motel


(1.9 Miles)

Holiday Inn/Rt.72 Mainland


(6.0 Miles)

Islander Motel


(2.0 Miles)

Long Beach Inn


(1.5 Miles)

Mariner Motel


(2.8 Miles)

Ocean Breeze Motel


(2.0 Miles)

Park Haven Motel


(1.4 Miles)

Daddy-O Hotel

609 361 5100

(0.6 Miles)

Sandpiper Motel


(2.2 Miles)

Sea Horse Motel


(0.7 Miles)

Spray Beach Motor Lodge


(3.4 Miles)


Some Bed and Breakfast Accommodations: (Google others)

Additional Links for Accommodations:


Ager Realty:
Chambers Realty:
Pruzack Realty:

Regatta Chairperson

John Barbano

609-203-6114 (cell)

18. Charters
Please contact Sturgis Boatworks or Zim Sailing for Charters.


19. Effective Date.

This Notice of Race is effective January 4th, 2014